These canvas products will provide you with many years of use and enjoyment if they are properly maintained.  These canvas products are durable, insect resistant, and waterproof. 

To care for your canvas product simply mop it, as you would mop your floor, or wipe it with a clean damp cloth. Use a small amount of dish soap if you like.  Do not use any other commercial cleaners. For uneven floors, ie: slate, brick, etc. place newspaper under your floorcloth to prevent uneven wear patterns.  Should you bring your product home rolled, place it in a warm area for an hour or so. Gently unroll your product, flattening it out with heavy books or other flat objects if necessary. It should quickly flatten.

I  recommend that you use an adhesive putty to keep your rug flat and anchored to your floor, and to prevent the corners from curling up. This putty will not damage your rug or your floors.   I have recently tried a new product found in most office supply departments. It is called Fun Tak.  Simply put a small amount under each corner and wherever else you choose and your rug will not slide!

In the future your canvas product will need to be refinished! All types of flooring, runners and placemats do start to wear eventually. I clean my product very well, then use a water-based polyurethane applied with a 4” foam brush. Water-based polyurethane is available at craft stores, Walmart, Home Depot, etc. Regularly turning your runner or floorcloth will extend its life.