Canvas projects are custom made upon receipt of order, and take several weeks for completion. I require a 50% deposit on all orders and the balance is due upon completion.  PLEASE ORDER CAREFULLY!!! Call for a quote on all pieces.  Contact information can be found on my contact page. 

CUSTOM COLORS: If you need a custom color, please send a Glidden paint chip or color name.

PLEASE REMEMBER: All canvas projects are made by hand, no two will ever be entirely identical. 

Pricing: (sizes are approximate)


$120.00 2’ x 3’ floorcloths

$125.00 2' x 3' floorcloths Mariners Compass and Tumbling Block Designs

$240.00 3' x5' floorcloths

$250.00 3' x 5.5' floorcloths

$270.00 3' 5.5' Mariners Compass floorcloth

$80.00 19' x 31" floorcloths

$17.00 each placemat ( may be more with a custom order)

$30.00 to $45.00  small runners unless diamond designs (larger runners are charged by the sq. ft.)

$16 - $20.00 per square ft. custom orders depending upon design.